We believe children need a personal relationship with God through their savior Jesus Christ. It is our desire that they have a life changing encounter with supernatural God who wants to be intimately and lovingly involved in every aspect of their lives. Yes it has been said. There is no junior Holy Ghost”.

The same children, and they need to walk in fruits for the Holy Spirit as well, kids can do the prophesy heal the sick preach the gospel, intercede in prayer, receive the word of knowledge and wisdom, help the poor ans needy, and more as the scripture teach us.Children’s church places an emphasis on the Word of God, positive reinforcement within fun and caring atmosphere the joy of the Lord is their strength! We teach them the at God is amazing, extraordinarily good and he loves them perfectly.

Our Passion to raise up the generation of world changers who, because they wholly love God and are led by him, will invade every aspect of society with God’s love, power and we wisdom; a people who will bring the heaven and earth and destroy the works of darkness, and so it will be said of them: those who know their God shall be strong and do great things.

We believe they can live a life of vision and purpose. We stated the feeding center to feed the hunger myself and Alex pioneer the ministry His Hands and feet children.


The youth are to you as the dew Psalms 110:3

The bible is filled the with the wonderful stories of people who changed their world by having faith in God. So often we do not realize that many of our heroes of the faith were actually teenagers when they did great exploits for God.

David was but teenager when he killed goliath and freed the nation. Esther was but a teenager when she saved her people from the distraction. Joseph was a teenager when he had his dream that would save the nation. Mary was a teenager when she conceived the Jesus the son of God. Jesus at 13 years of age stood in the synagogue and astounded the doctors of theology in his days… many scholars believe that the 12 apostles of the lamb were in the teen and early twenties when they started to follow Jesus.

I think you got the point of what I am saying… God never ever consider of our age a factor in serving him and doing great things for him.Our heart to reach to the youths.


* 29.8 million People are victims of human trafficking for labor and sexual exploitation globally
* 80% of all human trafficking victims are women and girls
* India is the main destination for children under 16 who are trafficked to South Asia

We also work with the trafficking children and women those who are the abused from their own family members and there is no hope for them but we teach them and let them know there is hope in Jesus.


Physical suffering is an inevitable by-product of extreme poverty. HIV/AIDS has decimated the poorest parts of the world, It has left millions of people without any hope for their future or the future of their family. We provide nutritional supplements to those affected by this terrible disease.Health and Awareness Teaching, Education, Communities Developments.

We also do the medical camp, health awareness program and we also teach and train them so they can not follow the dirt things and also educate them about this cleanness.


Events Crusades, Preach and Teach we also invite the national and international preachers ad teacher there are many families are broken and they did not even know the value of marriage so we arrange the marriage seminar for them. We do events and Crusade to save the lost heal the sick proclaim the word of God that none should perish but have eternal life.

We preach and teach them to understand the work of God and to believe in his word and follow the truth, encourage them to walk also in faith; we also tell them it is very important application in our life.


We simply provide care for pastors, serve and encourage them through immediate assistance, educational support, and research. We help pastors with legal assistance, counseling, medical needs, get away, personal needs, and so much more. Our national networks of caregivers are willing to help encourage and support pastors. Statistics are alarming!!!

Too many pastors are leaving the ministry each year and too many churches are closing across the world. Our goal and desire is to encourage and strengthen pastors and keep them in the ministry. Please pray for us as we endeavor to bless pastors everywhere. It is a great pleasure to bring happiness and fulfillment in the lives of pastors. Pastors and their families are very important to us. We want to keep them in the ministry as well as to help them along their journey. We know what pastors go through and we care!